August 02,2018

• The attendance of the largest gathering for the world of capital and business in Egypt in 2018; 

• Presenting your company to thousands of investors desires to invest;

• Putting your company on investment map in Kuwait and Arab Nation; 

• Your existence in an unprecedented propaganda campaign prior to the expo and during the event in all media means; 

• Getting the data of Messrs. investors as of the name, job, telephone number and financial suitability, if possible; 

• Supporting the sales team in conducting the largest number of successful transactions; 

• Signing memoranda of understanding with the system of B2B – system of companies among the companies and the largest world and domestic companies; 

• A very large public relations campaign for the displaying companies among press syndicates and new releases on websites and holding interviews in the largest TV Channels. They are different according to the type of participation in the fair and forum; 

• There are a lot of features for world sponsorship and participation offers;