August 02,2018

Throughout the last years, the Egyptian investor desires to have a direct & indirect investment expo in Egypt. We are about to organize the largest expo for the companies and banks working in Egyptian and world capital markets, real estate investment companies. Large investment funds, large insurance companies in Egypt and Arab Nation. We build the culture of the Egyptian and Arab investor as we provide him with all available investing opportunities. So, the investor can compare among various types of low risks & middle risks and high risks investments. The investor is free to choose from among all types of investment – all types of direct and indirect investments under one ceiling in Egypt Investment Expo in 2018. after the survey made by research department and marketing department in the company, we expect that such expo shall be attended by a number ranging between 6000 investors to 10000 investors during the expo official hours and attending the conference to be held on the margin of the largest investment expo in Egypt in 2018.